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Confused? Whether You Will Get Interview Call? Behind the scenes of the Hiring Process.

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

“OMG, It’s been a week. Should I email them?” “Have they even seen my resume yet?” Thoughts like these have probably run through your mind if you’ve ever applied for a job. It’s as if your application has been sucked into a ‘black hole’ or got felicitated by huge files. In my tenure, I have realised that how job seekers feel like if they fail to receive the interview feedback or calls. I strongly believe & support that interviewers must respond with feedback to the candidates (for both positive & negative) and the same all the job seekers must be given chance to attend the interview ( only if they clear the criteria set by the organisation/mentioned in the Job description). I can understand, getting no response from the Talent Acquisition team becomes more frustrating than receiving a negative response. But here I would also like to quote the “ Talent Acquisition team are swamped ”. Nowadays to get rid of this load, they rely on ATS to sort out resumes.  Sharing a few guidelines which will actually help you beat these gaps & land an interview: a.      Start preparing your resume & cover letter as per your domain & your expertise area. Apply for the job whose JD matches with your profile. b.      Send a follow-up letter c.       Finally, send a thank you letter But are you aware of what actually happens when any open position comes out and is posted into the portals or advertised? Let me take you to the scenes behind this. Your application has not been really sucked out/dumped/lost under huge piles, rather it’s been eliminated or shortlisted wither by ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or by Talent Acquisition team manually (varies from organisation to organisation). But do you know why this happens so often? Most of the Talent Acquisition Team use the term “ Hiring Funnel / Hiring Filteration” to estimate the number of applications they must receive to expect to gain one successful hire. Let’s understand the same via one example based on the online job posting. a.      More than 1000 users will see the job posting as an open position for XYZ company b.      At least 200 to 300 applicants will start applying for that opening online c.       Actually near about 100 applicants will fully complete the application process and rest will leave in the middle of the process d.      Then comes the ATS or shortlisting process was near about 50 to 60 percent resumes will be rejected or eliminated e.      Near about 20 to 25 resumes will land in front of the hiring manager f.        5 to 6 applicants will be asked to come down for the interview g.      Maximum 3 applicants will be able to make it to the final round of interview h.      In the end, only the lucky individual with having cleared all the round with knowledge & skills will be offered the job but only 80% will say yes to the job and rest will not accept the offer.

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