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Verification Services

In a world where fraud and misuse of documents is an ever-present reality, mitigating such risks is increasingly becoming a challenge. InBoxe offers a wide-ranging suite of verification solutions that ascertain the integrity and veracity of documents and information as presented to our Clients enabling informed and safe decision making.

The company has a dedicated verification unit that leverages its domain expertise of over 20 years in the field of background screening to seamlessly design develop and deploy robust end-to-end solutions that will authenticate documents and information customized to the Client’s needs.


Our screening solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic qualification check

  • Work Experience check

  • Financial document check

  • Civil document check

  • Identity document check

  • Residence or Address check

  • Court record check

  • Due Diligence


Checks are country-specific and our screening solutions can be tailor-made to ensure fulfilment of Client needs while being compliant to local laws.  

The Inboxe Experience –A unique combination of in-house expertise & a network of global solution partners


  • Inboxe screening solutions enables a  simplified assessment process for our Clients

  • Our tailor-made screening solutions act as a deterrent making the ‘green greener’

  • Our detailed reports will enable our clients to make informed decisions

  • The Inboxe Verification Service will safeguard our Clients from the malafide intentions of fraud perpetrated by applicants  & their representatives

  • Our services will enable an improvement in the quality of applications

  • Our screening solutions will help our clients to better utilize their resources on core tasks

  • Leverage an integrated service of Talent acquisition with verified credentials protecting the Client’s human capital

Why Verification With Inboxe?

To know more, share your queries with us. We will call you as soon as possible

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