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How To Negotiate For Your Salary - This Pandemic

As we all know the current situation, where household income is decreasing during this pandemic. Many employees have lost their jobs due to this pandemic but now when unlock has started recently, there are three types of jobseekers we can find in the market:

• Jobseeker1 – Expecting job but without pay cut at their next job

• Jobseeker2 – Expecting job and ok with their last drawn salary

• Jobseeker3 – Expecting job and with salary hike only

Here are a few suggestions which can be followed for the betterment of Jobseekers:

• Jobseekers must do research on salary ranges for their respective profiles

• As a job seeker, you must not put a number (salary) on the table during salary discussions

• Never use words “ But”, “ however” because it nullifies everything you must have mentioned earlier during discussions

• Do not ignore reality. If an employer uses the difficult economy as the low offer, then it’s important to accept the concern. We can answer this situation strategically like – “ I acknowledge it. It’s a valid point you have said”

• If a salary increase is not happening, then you must focus on other aspects called benefits. The benefits are also your earnings – medical, flexible work schedules, job title, educational opportunities (if any)


The main motto of this articles is, we all know the current impacted situation and we have to accept the reality. In this scenario, we have to accept jobs to run our household (our basics). If an employer is giving the reason of impacted situation as the low offer then we must acknowledge it and strategically we must as for the other benefits which the company can offer to you based on the service you will be providing or investing with the company. Benefits are also a part of your earning because somehow cost is involved with these benefits.

Don’t limit your negotiation skills to conversations about your salary, because you are going to invest your time, knowledge and mind for that position. Try to be more specific, targeted and use it day-to-day.

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