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As the businesses have expanded to global market over a period of time, international Business visits have become a integral part of any Company. Employees are required to travel for various purposes, either for business meetings, short projects, audits and/or closing a business deal. Getting the right visa on time is very important as any delays will have an adverse impact on the business. Hence it is very important to have experts on-board to guide with the right visas types, updated procedures to apply and information on processing times.

The differentiators of having expert Visa Company on board:

  • Supplement a Lack Of In-house Resources or Expertise: Maybe you don’t have the need for a full-time travel manager, and your office team is loaded with other critical work. A corporate travel agency can provide the services you need without having to hire additional staff.

  • Information Centre: Since a Visa Company deals with various Embassies and Visa Outsourcing Companies, they are always updated with the visa information. Hence having a visa company helps the employees to have the updated information within no-time instead of searching for the same online.

  • Time Saver: Let the employees concentrate on critical work. The Visa expert will take care of the visas by providing the updated information and assist with applying visa to the competent authority. This will save the productive time of employees.

  • Save Costs: Contracting with a Visa Company helps to have transparency in terms of cost as there is a contract signed with all the charges. Also, you pay only when services are utilized instead of paying monthly salaries when having in-house employees.

  • Centralized Billing: One of the advantages of contracting with Visa Company is to have centralized billing and payments. While employees need not worry about the expenses incurred for visas, it also helps the company’s finance/HR team to have a track on expenses incurred for business visits.

  • Compliance to process and policies: Every company has its own process and policies for each department including travel. By contracting a Visa Company, the company can be relieved of enforcing and tracking the policies related to travel as the Visa Company are contractually obliged to be compliant with the company’s policies. Also, the processes are customized for each client which are in line with the Company’s compliance factors.


We, at Inboxe, offer a wide range of personalised business travel solutions for small and medium businesses and for start-ups as well. Our team of experts are dedicated to making your corporate travel experience simpler, faster, and easier. Every client is designated an account manager to work on their customised corporate and travel needs. Besides this, you can also avail our specially designed leisure travel services to make your perfect vacation getaway dream come true.

Services offered by us include:

  • SPOC for all visa information, application submission, application tracking, etc.

  • Guidance on documents, form filling, visa procedures, fees, processing time, etc.

  • Facilitating visa submission and collection

  • Dedicated Account Manager at Inboxe Back Office

  • Customized process suitable to client’s business requirements

  • On-Site Implant Service: Inboxe Visa Expert deployed at client location

  • Centralized billing

  • 24x7 dedicated customer service

Corporate Visa Services

To know more, share your queries with us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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