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Security & Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment Process

Inboxe Services will deploy a systematic Security Risk Assessment (SRA) process that evaluates the likelihood that a threat against a facility or asset will be successful and considers the potential severity of consequences to the facility itself, to the wider business interests, people and assets. However, the main purpose of an SRA is to identify countermeasures that may reduce the risk of an attack and its potential consequences. 

A Comprehensive Risk Assessment plan which includes audit at various stages of the project will include: -

  • Site Security Evaluation while identifying the facilities for operations

  • Physical Security Risk Assessment prior to commencement of services to determine adequate risk mitigation and protection measures are deployed

  • Regular Risk Assessments to ensure compliance to the Security Programme


Physical Security Audits

Are Audits conducted to assess the site / premise for various risks that it may be exposed to in a given location, basis the country / city specific risks, with a view to identify the vulnerabilities of the site and recommend various security measures for mitigating such risks. Such audits, though not prescriptive, are recommended to be conducted at the following stages: -

  • Prior to site selection.

  • Post implementation of risk mitigation measures and before commencement of operations.

  • Once a year to ensure all open risks are addressed and mitigation measures updated in a dynamic environment where the risk scenarios keep changing periodically due to geo-political and environmental factors.


Fraud Risk Assessment Audits

To protect itself and its stakeholders effectively and efficiently from fraud, Inboxe Services understands the specific fraud risks that directly or indirectly apply to a business process. Hence a structured fraud risk assessment, tailored to the business requirements and its goals is performed and updated periodically. The assessment is integrated with the overall organizational risk assessment and is often also performed as a stand-alone exercise.


The speed, functionality, and accessibility of technology have also increased an organisation’s exposure to fraud hence Inboxe Services fraud risk assessment considers access and override of system controls as well as internal and external threats to data integrity, system security, and theft of financial and sensitive business information. Inboxe Services measures in this regard include:


  • Annual Risk Assessment encompasses questions related to the Anti-Fraud Program

  • Periodic reviews of the systems over ride data is carried out

  • ISO 27001 Compliance Audits

  • Mystery shopping and integrity checks at supplier point level annually and on a needs basis

  • Complaints Log Audit and identification of red flags

  • Checks on differences in lifestyle and behavioural pattern of suspicious staff.

  • Checks on organisational financial reports such as tally reports, sales report etc.

  • Spot checks on cash collection points

  • Fraud investigations

  • Effective management and handling of Whistle Blower Policy.


Mystery Audits

Inboxe Services arranges such mystery audits / shopping visits through an alibi client / customer to get an objective assessment of the quality of service being provided by the field staff at the service/ supplier point. Such Mystery Audit Reports provide the management with a true insight on the quality of service and malpractices, if any, at their service points.

Electronic Security Services

Through in-house technological expertise and an effective network of security system service providers Inboxe Services provides top of the class security designs and solutions at the most market competitive prices. Latest equipment for CCTV, Access Controls, Burglary Alarms, Motion Detection, storage devices etc are used to provide customized solutions.

Corporate Investigations

With a team of experienced investigators, we provide high class investigative services with experienced audits/ investigators to find facts and provide a comprehensive feedback to the management with complete confidentiality of information.

Standard Operating Security Procedures

In today’s world with multiple imponderables and risks, any good organization would need to have in place certain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which ensure protection of business interests and provides safety and security to its assets and employees. Inboxe Services security has a team of experts who can prepare and assist implementation of such SOPs in any organization keeping in mind the various Business sensitivities.


Fire-fighting measures 

Inboxe Services ensures that fire prevention and detection programs are created and maintained to protect employees and assets. We can equip an organization with a Fire Fighting plan including preparing Blueprints for deploying Fire Safety measures and provide periodic training to all the staff in Life Saving Fire Safety measures.


Health & Safety Audits

Inboxe Services conducts Health & Safety Audits to provide specialized advise on Health & Safety measures that an organization must adopt at its premises for the safety of its employees and at the service points for safety of both staff and customers that visit. In today’s world when medical expenses are very high it makes good sense to preemptively adopt measures that could prevent any risk to employee and customers Health & Safety.


Business Continuity Management

One of many threats faced by any operations or business is the fact that an unexpected crisis may arise leading to the disruption of operations / business. A contingency plan therefore needs to be put into place to ensure business continuity at the time of such a crisis.

 At the same time, the most important aspects in the contingency planning process is to recognize the danger signals that, unchecked, might lead to the escalation of a situation unfavorable to the operations.  This means that an organization must be on the alert for an event or a series of events that could jeopardize its operations, reputation, financial stability and position in the industry and its role in the community.

Inboxe Services helps define the Policy to be implemented for preparation, development and implementation of a business continuity plan in order to ensure timely resumption of Business from a disaster or a major failure.

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